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„All roads lead to Rome”

Rome lies on seven hills based around The Tiber River which goes through the center of the city from north to south. According to the legend, the city was established in 753 BC by Romulus on The Palatine Hill. The city became the most powerful in the Mediterranean region while being a republic and then empire. In the period of its evolution Rome had over one and a half million of the citizens. At the beginning of the new era the city was one of the biggest centers of Christianity. In the 395 the empire was split on the western and the eastern part and Rome stopped being the capital of the country. The fall of the city in the year 476 was accelerated by the invasion of the Germanic tribes. In the 15th and 16th century Rome became one of the most important cultural and renaissance art centers along with Milan and Florence. It is by far one of the most beautiful and important metropolis in the world, the main place of cult for Christians, historical center of Roman empire and current capital of Italy.

The history had a huge influence on this amazing city and has left plenty of monuments and familiar places.

There are not only ancient ruins of the great Roman empire but also monuments of each historical period.

Temples, churches, antic ruins, the Colosseum, renaissance squares and fountains… All of it creates an unforgettable atmosphere and a temptation to stay in this city for a while. And we are recommending you to stay here as long as possible 😉